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Facebook Unveils Major Redesign to Newsfeed

The top dog in the social network universe, Facebook, announced a total overhaul of its newsfeed landing page last week. Now before you run to find your pitchforks, light your torches and Google map the best route to Palo Alto, California, take a breath.  This Facebook update, at least from this writer’s standpoint, actually looks to be an improvement.

The major design change was sparked by the people who know Facebook the most—its users (feel free to take all the credit). Like any smart company, Zucky and the gang used the time-tested tool of an internet survey to ask users what they didn’t like about the newsfeed. The most common response: it’s too cluttered. So with the idea of simplifying things, I’m assuming a team of jaunt-eyed, caffeine-loaded UI/UX developers began slaving away to try and please Facebook’s over one billion members.

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The Networking Economy: Digital Communities are the Future

Whether you’re an industry insider or an everyday citizen, you’ve probably noticed a change in the air. It is becoming increasingly easier to connect with others using technology and varying applications of technology. Often referred to as the digital revolution, the virtual economy, or the flattened world, the networking economy isn’t just here to stay—it’s here to change everything for the better.

What is the Networking Economy?

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LivesOn: Tweets Beyond the Grave

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? 

Sure, this is one of most classic hypothetical questions anyone has ever heard.  But let’s put it in modern terms: If one Twitter user (out of more than 500 million) dies, does the account end?

Thanks to LivesOn, when you’re six feet under, your Twitter’s pulse will keep beating.

An artificial intelligence experiment set to be released this month, LivesOn will continue to post tweets from your account after you’ve passed.  The program follows and analyzes a user’s current Twitter account to track interests and behaviors.  Then, after you’ve overstayed your welcome in life, “you” can still be pumping out tweets.

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Tumblr: Inbound Marketing’s Greatest Secret


From 2010 to 2011, Tumblr grew 900%. Last spring, data from Google revealed that the word “Tumblr” is overtaking “blog” as a search term. While this is more of an indicator of the changing purpose of blogs as opposed to a blogger’s nail in the coffin, this data has important implications for Tumblr as an underutilized marketing resource. As the data shows below, a shift is occurring in which mediums are most widely used and marketers would be wise to capitalize on this trend:


Whereas blogs are more about written content, Tumblr is about sharing images, GIFs and short blurbs. A visual-based site like Tumblr means a faster way to spread a message. There is no length restriction like Twitter and the content is just as, if not easier, to share as a Pinterest pin. Tumblr’s highly visual nature makes the possibility of a viral post exponentially more feasible, especially with Tumblr’s loyal crowd (2% of users account for 43% of Tumblr traffic).

Below are a few ways to utilize Tumblr as a marketing tool:

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Burger King, Jeep Twitter Accounts Hacked—But Is It Just a Marketing Ploy?



As most of you know by now, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked last week. In addition to the account’s layout being changed to look like McDonald’s, several tweets were also posted by the hackers.


Beyond being a gigantic embarrassment to the company (and giving free publicity for its top competitor to over 89,000 followers), the hack raised issues of cyber security. How can one of America’s largest fast food chains suffer from such a monumental security failure (many joked that it’s because BK’s Twitter password was whopper123. Haha!)? Such an event is a social media marketing nightmare. Plus, this stunt makes a brand look incompetent or out of touch.

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Vine: A New Marketing Platform for Business?

Although it's only been around for a hot minute, the new app known as Vine has become all the rage.  For those of you who haven't ventured into the Vine app, it's basically Twitter + video format.  The app, rolled out by Twitter, is a free mobile video app that allows people to create and share six-second looping videos. 

Sure, Vine is a lot of fun.  Sure, you can post hilarious videos of your friends dancing at the bars. Sure, you can make a video of your cat wearing different types of glasses.  Sure you can "like" (with a smiley face button) different Vines and share them with your friends.  

But does Vine have any business in the marketing space?  

It may be too soon to know.  

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest started out as purely social, but quickly migrated into great tools for marketing businesses, brands, products and services.  If those social media platforms can do it, why can't Vine?

My prediction is that one day, Vine will be used as a marketing tool for business.  But not quite yet.  Businesses are still catching on to the Instagram + Pinterest phase.  Some haven't even dipped their uneasy toes into the Twitter pond.  Others still haven't even set up a Facebook page.  Obviously, there's no hurry for companies to get an account on Vine.  But that certainly doesn't mean it won't ever happen.

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