Inbound Marketing with Pizzazz: Why the Infographic is More Than Just a Pretty Face

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you probably understand better than anyone that a strong web presence plays a critical role in finding potential clients and generating revenue.  But once you have your domain space claimed, what comes next?

The key to keeping your visitors coming back is to create an engaging, worthwhile web experience. But how?  One of the best ways is to share content with your users is through inbound marketing via infographic.   

An infographic is just one tool for a small business website. ThePRCoach explains the anatomy of an effective infographicbut are you using these powerful tools to their full potential?  There are many aspects to the infographic that you may not be aware of.  Let's take a look at the infographic's many marketing purposes:

Infographics (quickly) give meaning

Instead of losing readers with blocks of text, infographics stand out against internet clutter. Infographics are scannable; designed to be read and understood quickly. Infographics turn hard data into compelling stories and can inform or attract potential consumers. Infographics have the ability to explain initiatives or projects that may not otherwise gain attention.

A great example of an effective infographic comes from Zendesk, a web-based customer support company.  Zendesk used the infographic displayed below to show how social media bolstered customer service, communicating their commitment to customers and innovation:


Infographics make communication creative

The format, design and delivery options for an infographic are unlimited. You don’t even need a graphic designer. There are dozens of free and paid templates, like, available to help you find the perfect display.

In addition, Ragan PR states that infographics can be effectively used as press releases, making information easy for key stakeholders and media outlets to absorb.  Any time your business publishes research (such as an infographic), be sure to brand it with your business logo--now that's brand recognition!

Infographics encourage sharing

Infographics bring data to life and give it a voice. Most likely, online readers aren’t willing to share (or even glance at) spreadsheets filled with numbers and figures.  The alternative to this is an eye-catching infographic; they help draw attention to important stats. If done well, the information on an infographic acts as shareable content, which can generate word-of-mouth marketing and online buzz.  Keep in mind that posting infographics on industry-focused forums, message boards, discovery engines and social photo sharing websites (like StumbleUpon) can help your creative work get noticed. The more eyes on your infographic, the more engagement with your startup’s website! People love sharing images and resourceful information. When they share useful infographics, they are creating value and driving traffic to your website for you! 

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